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Search Experts for the
Transportation/Logistics Community

Are these scenarios familiar to you?

You have a challenging position to fill, and the right candidate will make the difference between advancing to the next level for your team. After weeks (or months!) the requisition is still open, and you’re frustrated by the lack of high-level candidates provided through current search methods. Combining over twenty-five years of transportation/logistics operations, sales, management, and Executive search experience, TransDirectUSA Search Consultants “speak your language.” Whether you are a client or a professional, you will appreciate our knowledge and expertise of the Transportation/Logistics industry.
As a private fleet operation, customer service is most important. Your sales group has an opportunity to bring on a new account, with CDL Driver and Transportation Management/Support roles, to effectively manage the business. TransDirectUSA Dedicated Recruiters can boost your candidate placements. And you don't pay us until we are successful!

Why the Contingency Basis is Not Effective
for Quality Professional Searches

There’s a good chance that the staffing company that you are working with works on a contingency basis. Because the agreement is not solidified until they make a placement, it can seem that this zero-upfront cost is a minimal risk to you. However, contingency-based search models mean that the recruiter is motivated to fill the position with the easiest placement possible, regardless of their training and experience.

Professional search efforts in corporate environments are typically driven by statistics. Therefore, recruiters tend to work on openings that will offer the most success for them resulting in positive KPI’s. Also, if candidates are not applying to job ads placed through a corporate Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there is typically little to no organic talent sourcing processes in place. Most importantly, they may not have an in-depth knowledge of the transportation/logistics industry. TransDirectUSA Search Consultants have this expertise!

Our Dedicated Search Agreement

TransDirectUSA experienced recruiters work on a Dedicated Search Agreement, which means that your Recruiter has 100% focus on your needs, thereby resulting in quicker results and higher-qualified candidates submitted to you. In some cases, we are not paid until you hire a candidate. In fact, we are so confident in our process, we offer a placement guarantee through our split-invoice system. How's that for motivation for success?

1What are your Service Agreement Terms?
Service agreements vary based on your needs. TransDirectUSA is large enough to be scalable but also provides a personal search consulting approach thereby offering a customized program made just for you!
2Do you offer a guarantee?
We want to become a valued long-term strategic partner for your ongoing growth and search/recruiting needs. Our primary goal is to provide a collaborative partnership thereby evoking a team-based environment and providing you high-quality candidates.
3What is the average time for you to fill a position?
Employment markets vary by location, type of position, job description, pay rates, minimum hiring requirements, pay rate/benefits, etc. so results will vary. What we can guarantee is we will do our very best to source high-quality candidates on your behalf.
4What can you do that we aren’t already doing?
We have an extensive database of transportation and logistics talent throughout the nation, and we continue to invest marketing resources into sourcing more prospective candidates, every day. Our carefully designed website attracts a high volume of quality, active and passive job-seekers. Also, by a click of a button, we can react instantly to our customers’ ever-changing needs, by streamlining marketing resources and recruiting efforts to specific, targeted markets. Our Dedicated Recruiters are committed to your needs. Failure is not an option!