How Our Recruiting Process Saves Time and Money

It’s not just enough to bring in candidates; we work with you to bring you the right candidates. We understand that every day you are looking to fill your position is lost revenue and lost opportunities for your company. Here are some of the variables we take into mind when working with your company.

High Profile/Confidential Searches

The high-profile candidates and CDL drivers you are seeking may not be searching for jobs in traditional ways. In some cases, you may wish for the search to be done confidentially. We can help source candidates discreetly with other avenues than mainstream job boards.

Job Ad Marketing

We have a pulse on the right way to create job ads, posted in the right place, with an eye on what your competition is doing. We can assist with SEO, advertising, and marketing budgets and making sure the right candidates are applying.

Screening Candidates

Typically, the most desirable candidates are working, so they are not responding to job ads. There tend to be four types of candidates:

  • Candidates interested but not qualified
  • Candidates qualified but not interested
  • Candidates not qualified and not interested
  • Candidates qualified and interested*

In addition to traditional job ad marketing, our dedicated recruiters organically source candidates that aren't applying on job boards.

Scheduling Interviews

Candidates you are interested in are busy professionals. TransDirectUSA helps remove the administrative burden of scheduling interviews.

*For every 100 candidates we find only about 4% meet the last criteria and are submitted/interviews. Of those, one candidate (1%) are placed. We save you time by sourcing and calling the candidates.


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)/ BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

TransDirectUSA offers customized programs based on your specific needs, meeting both short-term and long-term requirements. Solution examples:

  • RPO: Short-term/contracted-term for unskilled/skilled-level warehouse and CDL drivers
  • BPO: Long-term BPO partnership for on-going recruiting/onboarding needs
  • Search Consulting: As-Needed Search Consulting for high-level, high-profile positions

We’re Not Above Any Position

TransDirectUSA Dedicated Recruiters are proud to have access to CDL Drivers and skilled/unskilled warehouse candidates through C-level professionals in the transportation and logistics industry, there is no position we would consider below our services. With our exclusive partnership, we can tailor our sourcing efforts accordingly.

Examples of Positions Successfully Placed